Obelux 3D virtual pages are meant to give deeper understanding about Obelux products and systems to all our clients, partners, and end-users. 

By clicking the links below, a new window will open in your web browser. Please note that it may take a few minutes before software is ready to start. This depends on your internet speed, computer’s capabilities, and the web browser used (Chrome is recommended).

 In our 3D virtual product page, you can open the product in parts, and put the lights virtually ON!


Link to 3D:

Medium-intensity White and Red 20000cd aviation light


Link to 3D:

Medium-intensity R,ed 2 000cd aviation light

In our 3D virtual wind farm, you can check and see how the different features such as visibility sensors, GPS synchronization and infrared operate and how it looks like from a distance.


Link to 3D:

Wind farm with Obelux aviation light system and visibility sensors

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