Obelux CR9 Forensic Lights

Obelux has introduced a new forensic light Obelux CR9 to the markets in 2010. This forensic light has been developed together with crime scene investigators and it is designed for robust operation at the crime scenes and within the laboratory.

Obelux CR9 portable forensic light’s focusing optics provide a bright and even light beam which helps substantially the detecting and the documenting process at the crime scenes and within the laboratory. One Obelux CR9 light unit may contain maximum of four different wavelengths of light. These can be easily selected from the user-friendly panel. The available wavelengths are from 365 nm (UV) to 940 nm (infrared).

Users for Obelux CR9 forensic light
    • Crime scene investigators
    • Forensic laboratories
    • Faculties of Medicine
    • Departments of Pathology
    • Hospitals

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