About us

Obelux Oy is a Finnish based company focusing on LED technology. The company has built a reputation for delivering top quality LED lights with outstanding reliability and top performance since 1997 meanwhile also being one of the oldest companies focusing only on LED technology. Obelux Oy is well known of its continuous innovation and responsiveness in meeting the needs of the industry. 

Obelux Oy manufactures and delivers ICAO and FAA compliant Low-, Medium-, and High intensity LED aviation obstacle lights for all applications. Obelux’s aviation obstacle lights are in use in many different applications including telecommunication masts, power lines, tall buildings, bridges, stacks, weather masts, wind mills, cranes, cell sites and airports.

The company possesses a large number of patents related to LEDs and it has delivered its products to over 50 countries worldwide. Obelux Oy has for many years been rated as an AAA company by Dun&Bradstreet. 

Obelux Oy's mission is to provide its customers with the highest-quality products and services at the best value delivered, wherever and whenever they are needed.

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